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On your first visit, we will begin by finding out what brought you into the office. It’s very important that we figure out the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, so we get to the bottom of it. We’ll do a brief health history, physical examination, review any previous imaging you have, and take new & digital X-rays for only $67.

From there, we will show you the X-rays & begin right away with your first treatment of Laser Therapy, and get the process started to help you feel better!

We’ll study the imaging and examination findings and schedule a time to review the game plan.
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After 12 years of lower back and sciatica pain, meds, x-rays, MRIs, consultations with spinal surgeons that I just couldn't bring myself to go through with any kind of permanent spinal surgery; I found Dr. McNabb. During our first meeting, he took X-rays and shared with me what he saw, and together we were able to point the exact place the pain was coming from!! He came up with a treatment plan, meeting with him a couple times a week for a few weeks, and he was able to get me 100% pain free. Completely back to what I could remember normal was so long ago, and now zero daily pain, I couldn't believe it! Three years later I'm still doing great, nothing ever triggers or hurts me. I feel so lucky to have been recommended to Dr. McNabb!!
Jane To
Extremely professional, very comprehensive. He made complicated things simple. Affordable coverage and any questions I had he answered them directly instead of dancing around them. He also isn't quick to just put me on medicine, we're getting to the root of my problem. Plus the office is amazing!
Faith Estel
The doctor aligned has been a saving grace for our family. My partner was broken with no hope of relief. He worked with us to get him back to work. He continues to work on actual rehabilitation of the problem instead of a quick fix.
Alicia R.
Dr. McNabb truly cares about how his patients feel! Dr. Matt has given me back my ability to ride my bike again, and do strenuous gardening! So happy to know you are here in Florida again. Thank you so much for helping me get out of pain! I truly appreciate you and your practice!
Sherri Schiff
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