Enjoying Nature and Wildlife In Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, Florida is an area rich in over 25 natural parks and zoos. These areas give families the chance to explore their own backyard in ways that many others cannot. Within these beautiful parks are numerous walking paths with informative signs for all ages.

These walking trails allow people to enjoy nature while learning about its inhabitants. Many of these walk trails are also handicap accessible.

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Forest Park Nature Center has over 4000 acres to explore, making it the largest wild expanse in Boca Raton. The park is open daily for visitors to enjoy its natural scenery and take advantage of the educational resources available there.

The nature center offers guided tours around the park. These tours range from the mangroves to the prairies. Their guided bike tours offer a unique way to see even more of their trails.

In addition, Forest Park Nature Center offers educational programs for all age groups. They have a summer camp program that teaches children about these ecosystems and how they can help save them in the future.

They also offer guided hikes and training for adults.

Spanish River Community Park is another great place to explore nature in Boca Raton, FL.

The park offers over 100 acres of trails through both native grasslands and wooded areas with observation decks along the way. These trails are used frequently by visitors who are walking, bicycling, or jogging through the area.

The park also offers several educational programs for children of all ages to learn about their natural surroundings.

When it comes to zoos, Boca Raton is home to Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society.

This zoo has over 2000 animals from over 800 species, making it the largest animal conservation society in Florida. Visitors can see lions and meerkats at their Predator and Prowl exhibit or walk among gorillas while eating a snack.

The zoo also offers several educational programs. They have a summer camp for children to gain more knowledge about the natural world around them and what they can do to help save it.

In addition, Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society offer workshops on a variety of topics from how to pack a backpack for a camping trip to sustainable seafood choices.

No matter what their interest is, Boca Raton has a park or zoo perfect for them.

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